Friday, March 9, 2012

An Apple a day

Well, I am so excited with our new addition to our home...the iMac27. It is gorgeous and I love that it takes very little room up on my living room desk (less for me to dust or more room for clutter, I am not sure which yet!). We are slowly becoming an Apple household, firstly with my purchase of my iPad2 last year, then my iPhone 4S and with much resistance from him I bought Pete his own iPad2 for christmas, now he wouldn't be without it.

We did a big room switch around, and my gorgeous cockatiels are now perched over the other side of the room where the desk sat and now the computer where my babies were.

We swapped the computer desks that were situated in the living and my office/craft rooms and its amazing he difference in both spaces. I now have a bit of reorganising required in my office/craft room but as I cut my finger on sunday and already split the stitches last night I think it will have to wait.

So as change is the topic of the week I thought I'd give my blog a bit of a boost and give it a bit of a change up. I love the black background, I feel it makes my pictures really jump out and doesn't distract from the art. I wonder how long it'll be before I get restless with it and change it again...haha.

Talking about change, please pay no attention to the colour of the walls of my home...I LOATH the colours and as the 2nd wife I inherited them. The fact it is a company house means I have to wait until I have permission to paint them. My preference would be Dulux Camel Hide, I have lived with the paint chip blue tacked to the wall to remind me theses colours albeit they are nice colours for the bedroom of a little girl but not in a living/dining room will not be around forever.

Happy crafting,