Friday, February 14, 2014

FLAG IT FRIDAY: Craft Spaces

Good morning family, friends and crafters,

This was my work space prior to moving to smaller digs. Using a folding table was a nice cheap
way to get the perfect size desk with everything in easy reaching.

Having the perfect crafting space is just as important as what is created in that space. If your space
 flows creating can be just as fluid and the secret to the perfect space is organization. If your precious time in 'your space' is spent just finding things then the creative process can be difficult.
The Creating process is not necessarily a tidy one. 

I have often admired other crafters spaces and can spend a great deal of time on the net looking at peoples blogs, Pinterest and Facebook finding that one little trick that I haven't thought of.

It is important to be able to claim a space that is solely for you. I have experienced  many levels of this from dragging boxes out of the cupboards and using the dining room which can't be used for days as it is covered scrap paper, embellishments, cutting tools etc. I have also had a whole spare bedroom dedicated to being 'my space' which soon was packed up to make room for my teenage son to return home to recover from a motor vehicle accident.

Dedicating certain inner spaces in 'your space' is important.
This was my Big Shot station which I now use an Ikea kitchen
 trolley (I'll leave that pic for one of my organization
blog days).
My first thought was to pack it into boxes and put it into storage until I was able to clear my head through this traumatic time as we were also mourning the death of my 19 year old son who was also in the same motor vehicle accident. But I knew that crafting was a huge part of my personality and when there was a day I was 'feeling it' again I needed to be able to walk in, sit down and let the flow begin.

We had a small room at the back of the house which was not being used and when I say small I mean small! Not even big enough to swing a cat. So best of our abilities MDH and I arranged furniture, boxes, trolleys and miscellaneous items. As predicted I didn't use that space for nearly 8 months and then one day I walked in and found myself again.

I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful husband who acknowledges that my crafting is important to me and encourages me to do so. A craft room is akin to the man zone aka the shed and we all deserve that space that is truly ours.

Getting Inspiration is not always easy so keeping some of my online projects and my market prototype projects in view always helps and adds a décor element to your space-it doesn't have to be all business. Functionality is important but it doesn't mean it can't pretty as well.
Inspiration can come from the shape of an object, the way the colours are used or the topic itself.
Happy crafting,



  1. I'm glad you have found you while you mourn for Jesse. Jesse will always be in your heart June...Never far from thought. You are great at craft and have so much inpsiration and love to share....Glad you are YOU June baby!!!

  2. Well My Darling Daughter, I am so happy you have again found your inspiration and am now back crafting, something you are so good at (you most certainly did not inherit this off me that is for certain). You will eventually get back into the full swing of it again, you just have to allow time for your heart to heal. I love you always, Mum