Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello Followers,

Please excuse my absence this past year. On Feb 23rd I was devastated to find out my 2nd born son at age 18 had died in a horrific car accident in the NT which is over 3000km from my home town of Currie TAS.

My 4 sons Nathan, Jesse, Daniel and Ryan
Jesse was a  shining light in my life and I miss him very much, not a day goes by without me thinking of him or some kind of reminder pops up and hits me hard sometimes leaving me a crying mess. Without the help of my loving husband I would not make it through each day along with the help of our children, extended family and friends near and far. My 3rd born 17 year old son Nathan who was also involved in the accident has lived with us this past year and returns back to the NT this month.

Yes, some good news, we married on the 16th Sept. It was the most wonderful day, although it rained on and off. Peter and I ran off to Melbourne's Registry Office and eloped to the shock of family and friends. The photos were taken in the Old Treasury Building in Spring Street where the ceremony took place and in the beautiful Fiztroy Gardens and Conservatory.  The Limo driver provided umbrellas which made wonderful props in the photos. Our witnesses were Donna Warland (my aunt) and her partner Darren Rouse was best man.

This past month I have had the desire returned to create and craft. I arranged a local Christmas Craft Market which was well attended by stall holders and customers.

Until I pop back again, happy crafting,