Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flood Appeal

On Saturday 26th Feb my other work place King Island Golf and Bowling Club held a Flood Appeal with all the funds going to the Australian Red Cross. We had a total of 64 golfers and 18 bowlers take part in this fun day. Players payed penalities for lost balls, 3 or more putts, sledging and any other thing we could think of to have people pay up the $1 fines. The weather was gorgeous and everyone had a great time. We had so many local business' donate goods to raffle with many people going home with armfuls of booty. A quick count on the afternoon gave us a total of $1984 with attendees quickly rallying around to make up the differnce to give us a grand total of $2000. Thankyou all who donated goods, their time and money.

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